Mikanmor is a bold and intuitive brand of quality leather design.
Its unique style, is originated in African and tribal inspirations, and its main source of innovation lies within the designer’s diverted artistic background. That way, fashion design, craftsmanship, textile design and industrial design – all work together in creating one distinguished visual language.
The creation space is an open studio inside the brand stores themselves.
Therefore, it provides a rear glimpse into the creation process and invites the customers to be a part of it.
In this space, filled with intoxicating scent of leather and around a big wide workshop desk, the designers work together, taking their leather creations to new artistic levels.
Inside the stores, you’ll find the show room, where the world of Mikanmor is revealed for all of its creations, colors and collections. That is what truly  makes the visit at Mikanmor,
an experience like no other.