Our Story

Our story

Mikanmor is an innovative fashion accessories design group creating and manufacturing innovative leather goods.

We founded Mikanmor to create an innovative new design language for working with leather.


We brought together designers from different fields, each with their own unique style and knowledge – fashion design,

jewelry making, object design, and textile design. We work together and have created a sharp and precise design

language that is recognized from afar. Our ambition is to change the accepted methods in every facet of design.


Our brand stores offer a glimpse of the creative process and include open studios where we design the accessories.

The studios' location allows us to keep in touch with our clients for feedback about each and every item, even while they are

being developed. Visitors come to experience the process of design and creation, the hanging leather gives off an intoxicating

fragrance, the large work table becomes a repository of ideas as we work together to develop, broaden and deepen our design

language in leather.


A visit to Mikanmor is a must for anyone who loves design, as the display room contains all of the variety and creativity of the

world of Mikanmor that turns a visit into an unforgettable experience.

 We look forward to your visit!