Privacy Policy

MIK AN MOR and/or whoever on their behalf implements accepted warning measure in order to maintain, as much as possible, over the information confidentiality. The user’s personal details (name, email address and so forth), will be maintained in MIK AN MOR’s database. The MIK AN MOR’s website is secured, the data that is entered into the system by customers during their registration and/or surfing and/or purchase will be maintained confidential and secure.

MIK AN MOR implements systems that were intended to optimally secure the data to the website, in accordance with the accepted standards. These systems do actually reduce the risks of unwanted penetration in to the website system computers, but they are not foolproof. Therefore, the website management does not obligate itself of completely warding away outside penetrating forces from unlawful information that is stored in the computer and thus, if a third party wants to penetrate the information that MIK AN MOR has saved and/or used for a negative purpose, the user cannot make any claims, judgments or demands towards MIK AN MOR. Also, in instances that emerge due to a “higher power” MIK AN MOR will not be responsible for any damage, whether it be direct or indirect that will be caused to the user or someone on their behalf, if any type of information that was transferred will lose or arrive at a hostile source and/or will utilize the information illegally.

MIK AN MOR is obligated not to make use of the details of the registrants on the website unless it is solely for website operational purposes and in order to enable the execution of the purchases on the website, as well as for the purpose of maintaining a relationship with the user. In light of the aforementioned, MIK AN MOR will be eligible to transfer their personal user details to a third party in cases for which the user had conducted an act or omission that damage and/or are bound to harm MIK AN MOR and/or some type of third party. This can happen if the user did make use of MIK AN MOR’s services for conducting an illegal act. If MIK AN MOR receives this they can operate by a judicial decree that they are to return the third party’s user details to a third party as well as any disputes or legal procedure. Also, MIK ASN MOR can utilize the user’s personal details, without identifying the specific user, for the purpose of conducting statistical analysis and its presentation and/or transferring it to other factors.