Terms And Conditions

The continuation of web surfing and execution of every activity on the website constitutes an agreement for the conditions that are registered above.


These regulations constitute a binding communication contract between the user and MIKANMOR.  It is clarified that surfing the website and/or carrying out internet actions constitute the user’s agreement to receive and operate according to the regulations’ instructions.  If you do not agree with any one of these website regulations you are requested to refrain from using the website.  And it should be emphasized that, each individual who uses the website declare that they are aware of the regulation instructions and accept them, and that they will not have and/or someone on their behalf, any claim and/or legal demand versus the website owners and/or its operations and/or someone on their behalf except for claims that are related to the violation of the web owners and/or its operators according to these regulations and participation tools.

For the purpose of these regulations, the ”user” refers to any person, including an entire company, who is entitled to use the website, including the execution of activities via the website; everything subject to fulfilling the cumulative conditions that are described hereinafter

The user is qualified to carry out binding legal activities; if you happen to be a minor (under the age of 18) or if you are not entitled to execute legal activities without the authorization of a guardian or trustee.  You are required to inform your parents and/or your legal guardians (“the parents”) regarding these regulation instructions and to obtain their authorization for executing any activity, of any kind, within the framework of the website.  The parents of the minor children are responsible to inform the interested parties regarding surfing the site regarding the regulations are as well as supervising the minors’ activity in order for the minors to operate in accordance with these regulation conditions.  Any activity that is carried out on the website by minors constitutes the minor’s agreement and/or the parents aforementioned in the regulation conditions.

The user is a valid international credit card holder.

The user has an active email address on the internet website. 

General Conditions

Anyone who carries out an order and/or purchase via the website declares, that along with this action they have read these regulations, and that they agree with all of the instructions and conditions and will not personally or on behalf of someone else, have any complaint and/or demand and/or claim against the website and/or the website manager and/or someone from their management team and/or its employees, in all that relates to the instructions and conditions of these regulations.  The company maintains its right to change the regulations from time to time according to their sole consideration and this is carried out without the necessity of providing a warning and/or advance notice.

Website Purchases

The website allows, among other things, the choice and purchase of products that appear on the website in a simple, convenient and speedy manner.  In order to execute the order one needs to first choose the required product, color and size.  Each product that is offered on the website will be presented with a “product page” which will contain the offered product and sales price.  MIK AN MOR is entitled to update the product page from time to time, to add or deduct certain products, to remove products that are no longer in stock, to add colors and/or sizes and/or change the price of the product from time to time.

The photos in the website are displayed solely for illustration purposes, thus there might be differences between the photos, including the colors that appear and product details and between the actual products.

The prices presented on the website include value added tax stipulated in the law, unless it is stated in an explicitly different manner, the website administration is entitled to update the product prices in the website and the delivery rates from time to time without requiring an advanced notice. In order to conduct a speedy order without mishaps it is necessary to make sure that the accurate details are utilized; otherwise MIK AN MOR will not be able to ensure the execution of the order.

In the presence of ordering the purchasing transaction the company will conduct an examination of the credit card details along with the arrival of the authorization by the credit card companies.  A suitable message will be sent to the user relaying that the order was authorized.  It is clarified that the debit creates the action based on the acquired product cost by him, will be executed via a credit card immediately with the end of the order execution.

If the transaction wasn’t authorized by the credit card companies – the client will receive a suitable announcement.

The completion of the purchase transaction is also conditional on the fact that the requested products exist in the inventory during the completion of the order procedure.  In the case of a product which has been exhausted from the inventory and/or there is a problem in its supply.  For any type of reason, MIK AN MOR will be entitled to inform the user regarding the cancellation of the order.  The aforementioned announcement will be transferred to the user via email and/or a telephonic announcement, according to the company’s choice.  In the case of the aforementioned, the user cannot claim any type of argument versus MIK AN MOR and in the actual order execution the user foregoes all of the aforementioned claims.

The Product Supply

MIKANMOR will supply the user with products via the independent dispatch company.  Supply of products via the dispatch company will be conducted within a number of days from the specified date of the order execution on the website (up till 14 business days).

MIK AN MOR is not responsible for each act or oversight of the dispatch company, including delays in the supply execution.

The supply of items to the user’s home is bound by a delivery fee as described in the website [Hereinafter: delivery fee].  The delivery fees will be added to the price of the items that are depicted in the website.  The delivery fees will be calculated, based on the supply to one location, whether it is an individual item or several items.

In any case which, due to “a higher power”, MIKANMOR will not be able to conduct the suitable administration of the website, to provide the user with the products and/or to uphold other obligations.  This paragraph “the higher power” refers to computer glitches, mishaps in the telephone system or mishaps in other communication systems, some type of destruction and security event.  Under the aforementioned stipulations MIKANMOR is entitled to cancel the transaction or offer the user an alternative product that is of equal value, according to their consideration and in accordance with the cancellation circumstances.


MIKANMOR and/or someone on their behalf will not be responsible and will not bear any direct, indirect, result-driven or unique damage, which will cause the user and/or surfer and/or a third party resulting from the use or purchase via the website, which is not according to these regulations – the claim will come what may – including loss of income and/or blocking profit which will be incurred due to any possible reason, since then the company maintains the right to cancel the specific order.  In any case the company will not bear any type of guarantee over the value of the purchased product as well as any indirect damage and/or result-driven damage.

If a mistake was incurred on the description of an item it will not obligate the company and/or the website administration.

MIK AN MOR is not responsible for the use by a client and/or the ordering party which is not in accordance with the maintenance and treatment instructions of the product and/or any other use of the products.

Transaction Cancellation by MIKANMOR

MIK AN MOR maintains the right to discontinue the website activity and/or cancel the purchase transaction that the user implemented, according to his sole consideration including, but not solely in each of the cases described hereinafter:

  • If it is discovered that the desired item is not available in the inventory after the purchase transaction.
  • If the details of the credit card are not absorbed by the system as well as the complete details of the user.
  • In any case in which an action is utilized and it is in opposition to these regulations.
  • The user carried out an illegal action and/or transgressed the legal instructions.
  • During the transaction execution and/or erroneous items afterwards that the user transferred.
  • The user carried out an act or omission that is bound to incur damage to MIK AN MOR and/or someone on their behalf and/or during the normal activity of the website and/or a third party of any kind.
  • If the company is of the opinion that the user’s intentions to return and sell the items that were acquired by them via the third party’s website. In this context the user authorizes and obligates him not to sell items he has acquired on the website to some third party.
  • In any case in which due to a “higher power”, MIK AN MOR is not able to carry out the proper management of the website, to provide the user with the products and/or to withstand its other obligations. In this paragraph “a higher power” also includes: computer hitches, mishaps in the telephone system or mishaps in other communication systems, destruction of some kind and a security event.

In the above mentioned circumstances MIK AN MOR is eligible to cancel the transaction or offer the user an alternative item of equal value, according to the consideration and the cancellation circumstances.

The above mentioned sales cancellation will not place blame on MIK AN MOR.  They will not be responsible and will not bear, in any case, any direct or indirect damage which is result-based or unique that is caused by a user or a third party.

The Cancellation of the Purchase Transaction by the User 

The user is entitled to cancel a transaction that was executed through the website according to the Consumer Protection Law instructions – 1981 (Hereinafter: “Consumer Protection Law”) or alternately, to replace the product versus an alternative product of equal value or obtain a monetary credit, as described hereinafter:

The cancellation of the transaction from the time in which the completion of the product is ordered on the website and before the delivery of the product – will be conducted via a customer service cancellation at telephone number +972-77-6955655 and in the framework of customer service’s hours of operation, on days Sunday – Thursday between the hours of 10:00 – 17:00 the same day.  Under the aforementioned circumstances the user will be entitled to receive a refund in its entirety (including delivery payment, as that had been collected). 

After sending the product whether it arrives at its destination or not, the order will be obligated and will be conducted, but the customer will be entitled to return the product, after its receipt, via the Israeli Post Office, on condition that the product is intact and has not been used.

In the case of a transaction cancellation, the user, after receiving the product, decides he does not want the product not based on a defect in the product and/or unsuitability – the user will be entitled the purchase transaction within 14 days from the date they received the product and conditional on the fact that the product is intact and has not been used.

The cancellation of a transaction is carried out via returning the product to one of the MIKANMOR store or via mail according to the customer’s preference and on condition that the product is intact and has not been used whatsoever.  It is clarified that in the case of the transaction cancellation not due to a defect and/or unsuitability the user will not be entitled to a refund for the delivery charges he paid.

The company has the sole consideration regarding the state of the merchandise that was returned.

The cancellation of the transaction due to a defect and/or lack of compatibility between the product and its details as they appear on the website – The user should examine the product immediately as it arrives.  If the product arrived with a defect , or when the actual product specifications is different than what was displayed on the website, since then the user is entitled to cancel the transaction within 14 days from the product receipt date by returning the product to one of the MIK AN MOR stores or by mail.

For every question related to verifications, replacements, returns and so forth need to refer to MIKAN MOR’s customer service at the following email: info@mikanmor.com or by telephone +972-77-6955655 in any case, returning the product, exchanging it with another product or the receipt of financial credit will be conducted subject to the following conditions:

Financial reimbursement in the case of a cancelled transaction will be carried out via crediting the user’s credit card within 14 days from the receipt of the request to cancel the transaction and the returned product.  Exchanging the product for another or returning it versus the financial credit will be carried out at the MIK ANMOR store. In accordance with the general exchange policy which treats MIKANMOR as updated from time to time, within 14 days since the receipt date of the product by the user and under the conditions that were not executed in the product’s use.  A cash refund for payment that was conducted via PAYPAL will be conducted by crediting the PAYPAL account.

Customer Service

For details and verification regarding the products and/or for their supply can be referred to the customer service email address: info@mikanmor.com or by phone: +972-77-6955655.

Intellectual Property

All of the intellectual property rights in all of the contents of the MIKANMOR website, including commercial signs, patents, copyrights, samples, trademarks, secrets and methods, which are currently the property of MIKANMOR alone.  These rights are incurred, among other things, on the graphic design of the website, its data base (including a list of products, describing the products and so forth), the computer code of the website and any other detail that is related to its operation.  One cannot make any commercial use in the data that is advertised on the MIKANMOR website, the database in the website, the lists and pictures of products that appear on it or other details that are advertised by us and/or on behalf of MIKAN MOR without obtaining the company’s agreement in advance and in writing.  One cannot use any of the data advertised on the MIKANMOR website for the purpose of presenting them on the website or in another type of service in conflict with the agreement instructions and/or without receiving the company’s agreement in advance and in writing and subject to conditions of the same agreement (if and to the degree they are provided).   This includes the gathering of data from the website via software and/or distributing data of this kind to several sources in a commercial manner or in the commercial framework.  It is forbidden for anyone to copy, duplicate, distribute, sell, market and translate any type of information from the website (including commercial trademarks, pictures, texts and code – computers without the explicit authorization of MIKANMOR in advance and in writing).

The name MIKANMOR, the MIKANMOR trademarks (whether they have been registered or not) and so forth – they are all the sole property of MIKANMOR.  One should not make use of these things without receiving the company’s agreement in advance and in writing, including graphics, design, verbal presentation, trademarks, logos, as well as their editing and presentation, in the sole ownership of MIK AN MOR and/or someone on their behalf.  It is forbidden for anyone to copy, duplicate, distribute, sell, market and translate any type of information from MIKANMOR only in advance and in writing).

Law and Jurisdiction

The law that is incurred on these regulations and/or on every activity and/or dispute that emerges due to it is solely based on Israeli law.  In each dispute case, the sole authority for discussing all the division that emerges, directly or indirectly, from the instructions of these regulations and/or from use and/or from usage and/or the acquisitions on the website – the courthouses (magistrates court or regional court) will take place in Tel-Aviv –Jaffa and not for each courthouse or other legal instance.